Hugy: an interactive lamp
for children

Hardware & Software - Politecnico di Milano, 2021
Paolo Perego

Interaction design, User Experience, User Interface

Beatrice Barlassina, Andrea De Bernardi, Elio Raineri, Ines Rana

Concept & Storyboard

Hugy is a night keeper for children. We transformed a simple lamp into a smart and interactive lamp that will help both children and their parents to have more relaxing nights of sleep.

Hugy has a charging base and you just need to leave it there during the day. When the daylight disappears, Hugy automatically turns on. From that moment on, you are free to play wit Hugy's features with the app.


We made Hugy interactive with the use of an Arduino Nano 33 BLE, which allows the communication between the toy and our app.

Hugy has a capacitive touch sensor that will alert the parents when their kid is hugging the toy.

We designed different atmospheres that the toy can create in the environment and we reflected them in the application’s interface.


When the child hugs the toy a notification will appear on the parents’ phone and they can activate the “breathing mode” or the “ relaxing mode”.

We designed the application first on Figma, and then we developed all the interactions in Protopie, which allowed us the communication between the toy and the application.​


To present our project we realised a final video, which shows the functioning of the product.

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